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Creative Marketing


Brand refresh

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Voice development/​brand refinement
Print ads
Internal posters

Extended Creative Team

Jonathan Everitt – Copywriter
Meg Dollinger – Art Director
Ashley Mittiga – Digital Strategy

Rethinking how an established brand should present itself is always an exciting challenge. Maintaining all of the positive existing attributes of the brand, while providing a fresh tone and image to raise an eyebrow and put a confident smile on existing clients and a new audience was the goal. Creative Marketing tapped us to do just that. Their core business was to support independent insurance and annuities agents across the country. Providing them with everything from case support to marketing and being a close partner every step of the way. Since this brand refresh they grew and have been bought and sold. We’d like to think we helped them get there.

Once a fresh voice and other brand attributes were solidified, it was time put them to use. Be Limitless would be the core theme of the new brand. We created a series of print ads that put the new brand in front of its audience and got straight to what Creative Marketing was all about.

We also developed nimble tools to be used by team members helping them quickly convert prospects into clients. Depending on login credentials and permissions, these tools would provide relevant content needed to give one-on-one presentations and also self-guided digital tours.

It was hugely important to develop an internal campaign as well. Making it clear who the new Creative Marketing was, what they stood for, and providing a rallying cry everyone could not only get behind but get excited about were key to its success. A series of posters was created that attached even more meaning to the Be Limitless theme.

Mad Libs” style posters were distributed to employees, giving them a voice and an opportunity to participate in the new brand launch. It was a fun and approachable way to get them on board and tell their own stories. These were displayed for everyone to see, which broke down any barriers and created conversations.