Biofinity Energys

Welcome to the new comfort zone.




Biofinity Energys launch & awareness campaign


Consumer video
Sales rep presentations
Practitioner training video
Social campaign
Banner ads
Sell sheets
POS material
Tired eyes trading cards and infographics
Consumer email

Extended Creative Team

Jonathan Everitt – Copywriter
Lissa Mathis – Art Director
T.C. Pellett – Art Director
Andy Ballerstein – Developer
Floating Home Films
Scott Hamilton – Photography
Holly Holmes – Stylist
Spring Sanchez – Social Strategy
Danielle Raymo – Social Strategy
Kieran Redmond – Art Director
Mark Toor – Proofing

The launch of Biofinity Energys was significant for CooperVision. It’s a contact lens that creates a whole new category in many ways, meeting unmet patient needs. Yet, it’s also a lens that is perfect for just about anyone given today’s age of digital devices.

Educating consumers that digital eye strain doesn’t have to be a normal thing and giving doctors the tools to help them talk to their patients about how there are steps and products to help alleviate symptoms were both key components to the launch.

Social channels such as Facebook and Instagram were obvious avenues to connect with consumers. This was in part because of the pinpoint targeting and metrics that allows us to monitor and adjust along the way, but also because it’s the perfect moment to highlight the issue while they’re on their device.

A social campaign like this is only as good as the content you’re backing it up with. The Energys campaign site needed to be vibrant, engaging, and informative. We built the story and statistics around the digital lifestyles everyone can relate to.

Making the Energys story relatable and approachable was part of the strategy from the beginning. We developed characters based on certain lifestyles and personas in the digital world. Below are a few day in the life” – style videos that were used online as well as in office. We also developed a light training video giving office staff the tools and talk track for how to engage with their patients around the Energys conversation.

Sometimes print still has its place. In this case that place was the doctors office. We created various pieces that allowed patients to put down their phones and learn about the benefits of the lens.