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Optometry Giving Sight fundraising campaign

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Extended Creative Team

Jonathan Everitt – Copywriter
Matt Leonard – Developer
James Bogue – Art Director
Eric Troske – Video/Motion Graphics

CooperVision is committed to manufacturing the best contact lenses on the planet. And that commitment doesn’t end there. They’re actively involved in helping organizations worldwide provide aid to others via access to eye doctors and eyeglasses. One of those organizations is Optometry Giving Sight.

Optometry Giving Sight is a global organization that helps improve and, in some cases, return vision to people who otherwise may not have access to vision care. More than 67 sustainable eye care projects in 38 countries have been supported by Optometry Giving Sight since 2007. This has helped to provide basic eye care services to over 4 million people, train more than 2600 eye care personnel and support the establishment of more than 100 vision centers.

CooperVision conducts various fundraising initiatives throughout the year in support of Optometry Giving Sight. For this particular campaign, we wanted to raise the level of two additional elements: education and fun. With that in mind, we decided to create a gamified app. It asked players to answer a handful of global, sight-related questions. In return, they earned points that turned into CooperVision dollars which were donated in their name to Optometry Giving Sight. Social sharing earned bonus points!

We provided digital tools to the sales and marketing teams to help them introduce and talk about the campaign to doctors and staff.

Welcome packages were delivered to offices providing complete details about how the game and campaign worked. The packages included collateral to promote in the office such as tent cards and video, as well as social assets and guidelines to help promote online.

We created a video to be played both in office and online to promote and inform patients and the public about the game and the good they can do with just 60 seconds of their time.