Remov­ing any doubt about plas­tic’s place

Coop­er­Vi­sion didn’t need us to tell peo­ple about the cri­sis in our envi­ron­ment, but they did to let the world know that clar­i­ti® 1‑day con­tacts were the first net plas­tic neu­tral lens­es in the U.S. We showed optometrists the impact they could have by pre­scrib­ing clar­i­ti and remov­ing plas­tic from our water­ways equiv­a­lent to the amount used in the lens­es them­selves. After hear­ing for too long that one day we’ll address the prob­lem of plas­tic, our cam­paign helped to show how a 1day lens was mak­ing one day today.