Matt Conn

Tell better stories.

Take a position.

Make an impression.

Matt Conn
Creative Director

Growing up, I was the kid who paid more attention to the commercials than the shows. After all, kids love Kix for what Kix has got. Moms like Kix for what Kix has not. Sure, I fantasized about moving to L.A. and becoming a rock star, but my fear of living in a van down by the river was what ultimately pushed me into marketing. After moving to Boston for grad school and interning at Hill Holiday — I moved back to my hometown of Rochester and launched my career on the creative side of advertising as a copywriter. Since then I’ve been helping clients build their brands and tell their stories in meaningful, impactful and memorable ways — whether with humor or heartfelt, emotional vignettes. Advertising is like a dance: sometimes the messaging leads, sometimes the imagery does. It’s finding that rhythm that keeps me coming back every day. I guess it’s just the musician in me.