Paul Schmidt

A circuitous path.

The shortest distance isn’t always best.

Learning along the way.

Paul Schmidt
Brand Coordinator

The thing that drew me to this industry is that no two people’s paths are ever the same. My eclectic track has taken me from working on Reebok’s e‑commerce team to attending art school and from bartending to working as a photographer’s assistant and finally to a project management role for a supermarket’s creative studio. I can honestly say that each of my experiences have prepared me for different parts of this role — whether that’s working in partnership with the client, speaking creative’s lingo, or being a fierce defender of a client’s brand. And just like no two paths are the same to get here, the way to be truly excellent at the job is really up to me.

Outside of work I’m passionate about creative projects, design, pop culture, and checking out the local restaurant and bar scene.