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Zach Bruno
Director of Creative Services

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My 16 years in New York City spanned the worlds of Design & Brand­ing, Fash­ion & Retail, Health & Beau­ty, Sports Mar­ket­ing, and tra­di­tion­al Adver­tis­ing. I’ve seen a mil­lion ways to do things and have become a crazy uni­corn mix of a right-brained cre­ative and a left-brained oper­a­tions guy. 

I love iden­ti­fy­ing the root of a prob­lem and method­i­cal­ly pulling it apart in order to solve it piece by piece – usu­al­ly with the help of charts, graphs and col­or-cod­ed excel sheets. I’m an advo­cate for clar­i­ty, man­ag­ing expec­ta­tions and cel­e­brat­ing wins. 

My pas­sions are world trav­el and doc­u­ment­ing it through pho­tog­ra­phy, (check out my Ins­ta feed above); and liv­ing up to my nick­name (‘Foot­note’) by watch­ing edu­ca­tion­al TV in attempts to add to my men­tal bank of use­less knowledge.